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Shane and Haley Livensparger

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RomRod Story

We would like to take a moment of your time to tell you our story. Our ugly, dirty, difficult, but exciting and rewarding story. Because as you know, anything that’s worth something takes time and comes with many bumps in the road.

Haley Livensparger:

As an elementary teacher and fitness coach, I know the importance of mobility work from my education, experiences, and personal hardships. Suffering a shoulder injury that ended my high school sports career made me prioritize mobility even more, especially these past five years. I wish there was a device like RomRod when I was going through my shoulder rehab and I can't wait to share our device with you.

Shane Livensparger:

The past 12 years I have worked as a professional baseball umpire. But, most know me for my passion in fitness also. Using a pvc pipe has always been an integral part of my mobility routine. So, when I began doing CrossFit that same pvc pipe became even more valuable for the barbell technique work. With traveling as often as I do for work, I knew I needed a portable device that I could conveniently carry in my backpack. RomRod has become an integral tool that keeps me fit, healthy, and injury free on and off the field.

But for the rod let’s start with the beginning…..

3 years ago I was in Buffalo, NY for my job (as a Professional Baseball Umpire)  and Haley came out for a short weekend visit. Whenever Haley comes to visit, we always make it a point to stop in at a local gym to get in a workout together. We dropped in that day and spent a solid 10 minutes looking for something to warmup with, after finally finding a pvc pipe. On our way back to the hotel we thought to ourselves, “Finding a tool to warmup with just shouldn’t be that difficult. Why isn’t there something better?”

The idea of RomRod was born on that walk back to the hotel. We realized that what we wanted didn’t exist and that we were going to be the ones who invented it. 

Putting it on paper:

That afternoon, as we ate lunch, we began discussing all the possible features we would want in a rod mobility fitness device. Haley and I had just started our fitness journey in CrossFit. So, natrually I was infatuated with all the different olympic lifts used in CrossFit and wanted to perfect my technique. Haley, whom had previously had a shoulder surgery from an injury suffered while playing high school sports, needed to improve her mobility so she could rack a barbell on her back. These reasons are why we loved incorporating a stick or rod into our warmup routine.

But, the question was, "How do we make this tool portable?" My career requires me to be on the road almost 200 days a year. And, Haley comes out to visit about every 2-3 weeks. So, portability was definitely a priority. 

We made a list of those necessary features and began sketching possible designs. The device needed to be lightweight, short enough that could fit in any bag, and provided similar elements of a barbell (knurling, dimensions, and feel). I can't tell you how many times we drew and redrew all possible design concepts, that next couple days.


From paper to prototype:

When we thought we had nailed down a design concept, we started speaking to an engineer. Wow, were we mistaken about our so-called final design. Our amazing engineer came back to us with problems, solutions, and of course suggestions. Through our knowledge and background in fitness and his expertise in product design, we came up with a working concept ready to be prototyped. This would be the first prototype of 10 (or so... I think we have kinda lost count). We were so excited when we were able to get our hands on that first 3D printed plastic prototype. 

This was Haley and I's first experience with designing a product. So, of course, we didn't nail it on our initial attempt. But, it didn't matter. We now knew what it took to go from paper to physical product. And, that was a small victory.

Each prototype has been a learning experience. Some days were very disappointing and others were ultimate highs. The hardest days were those waiting in anticipation for that next prototype to be delivered from the 3D printers or the production facility we have hired to manufacture our first bulk order.


We have made it, but it wasn't overnight! 

From numerous attempts at an aluminum prototype we are proud of, has come something we can not wait to share. Our manufacturer is currently in production of our first bulk order. Below is a sneak peak of our ready to sell Patent Pending RomRod in its packaging. 

Through the prototyping stage, we have tested RomRod with all different types of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even people just wanting to work on their mobility or recover from an injury. Their feedback and suggestions have been considered and implemented; helping us reach this point. 

The molds have been created for the different parts. Our packaging is complete. And, a free RomRod carry bag is included with each purchase. It's amazing what it takes to put together each piece of the puzzle to have a final product ready to deliver to the customer. But we are happy to say, it's ready!



We’ve worked tirelessly to get this device ready for the marketplace and we are incredibly proud and enthusiastic about this becoming a reality.

We want to thank you for your continued support in this project and we are so thrilled that you finally have the ability to become the owner of your very own RomRod mobility device. We know that it will add value to your fitness and mobility lifestyle, the way that it has ours.

In order to assist with the financing for our first bulk order of RomRod devices, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform, that uses reward based support. In other words small business owners, like ourselves, offer our product at a special one time discounted price to help launch our business. Your support is done through a pledge in Kickstarter. And, for your pledged support, you will receive one of the first RomRod devices to hit the market at an all-time low discounted price! Sounds like a win win!

If you are not yet on our mailing list, to be notified when we will launch the RomRod Kickstarter campaign, click the button below to get signed up. Don't miss out on getting your hands on the initial production run. Sign Up Now and take your Mobility and Warmup to the next level with RomRod.


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